“To provide trusted counseling…inspiring hope…discovering the best future possible.”


“To be the most trusted counseling practice for couples, children, and adults in Olive Branch, MS, and the entire Mid-South.”


I provide professional and personalized counseling, using trusted interventions and strategies from a biblical worldview. You will receive individualized attention from a caring, Licensed Professional Counselor in a comfortable and confidential private office. Late appointments and Saturday appointments are available. I encourage scheduling online at the link below. 

I want to help you OPTIMIZE your personal growth and your most important relationships.

I specialize in offering Research-based and Scripture-based counseling for children, teens, parents, and couples.


Are you a loving parent who has tried everything, but your child still isn’t listening, following directions, and continues misbehaving? Or do you believe your child would benefit from having a safe place to talk, receive sound listening, hope, encouragement, and a different perspective? Are you a parent seeking trusted behavioral strategies and solutions that you can start using at home immediately?

I have 15+ years experience counseling children and families and received intensive training by America’s most respected parenting expert. I offer the world’s most credible holistic approach to improving child misbehavior from a biblical worldview.


Is your relationship on the rocks? Are you feeling disconnected from your partner? Take the quiz below to know if your marriage needs attention.

I would like to help to Optimize and Actualize your marriage by helping you create a crystal clear vision for the kind of happy and healthy relationship you want. We will uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your relationship so that you can experience the joy of lifelong love and connection.

I am now offering the world’s most trusted online relationship assessment, The Gottman Relationship Checkup for marriages. I encourage all married couples to benefit from taking this assessment.  You will receive trusted feedback on how to OPTIMIZE your relationship. Click on the link for details and the service tab on my site. You can feel confident in the guidance and recommendations you receive from my marriage counseling. It is based on Data and Scripture. Not personal Opinion.

Take the short quiz below to know if your marriage needs attention.

*12 Signs Your Marriage Needs Attention

If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues in marriage, it’s time to invest your marriage.

1. I feel more bitterness toward my spouse than affection for.

2. We argue with one another more than we connect with one another.

3. Our disagreements constantly escalate and end in more conflict rather than a resolution.

4. We pass each other like “strangers” rather than interact as friends.

5. We commonly go through the day without touching or connecting physically.

6. Often, I feel more emotionally drained after being together rather than emotionally filled.

7. We never EVER have disagreements.

8. We are so busy or distracted that we have less than 30 minutes of weekly quality conversation.

9. I feel disconnected and not “in tune” with my spouse spiritually and emotionally.

10. We have unresolved issues from the past that keep coming up to haunt our relationship in the present.

11. I feel clueless or “left in the dark” about my spouse’s activities, interactions, and behaviors when I’m not around.

12. I would rather spend my free time with people other than my spouse.


* Order the book “Choosing Marriage” by Debra Fileta


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Michael Barnette, LPC


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